New Additions to the Website

This webpage is continually updated on a daily and monthly schedule. Please check out the site for new items and photos, especially in Berry4's Portfolio.

The list to the right will itemize new entries as are placed online.

Thank you for checking out the webpage, and if you have comments and feedback, please write to Thomas D. Berry4 at

Update List:

2-28-2019: Moved site from old Google Classic to Google New sites; I found the move and new platform intuitive and flexible within the designed constraints Google set up.

Wow 2-7-2017: Much has changed and still I try to make refinements. Three years since I last wrote ... time flies...

6-2-14: I think I am going to make this a link to a blog, hmmm, not sure about that… also I have checked out tumblr, tweeter, FB, , agh! What is the point.

5-26-14: Falling behind in updates, ugh!

4-30-14: Gearing up to modify the Portfolio Pages.

4-3-14: Updated Vita, touch-up pages

3-23-14: Updated Vita, Prep Photo Link, Changed look of application link to apply to APLABS.