Course Description

Snowflake Junior High School Advanced Technology and Yearbook Class

Course description:

In the advanced technology and yearbook class, students will assist in the design and production of the Snowflake Junior High School yearbook. It is an honor to be selected to participate in this class. Students are expected to work hard and to do their best at all times in this class. Students will learn about photography, photo editing, and page design. Students will also have the opportunity to improve their typing skills along with advanced computer maneuvering. Students will not have a textbook for this class. Along with Snowflake Junior High Schools' yearbook, advanced technology students will also compile a year end video, a tri-monthly newsletter, and various other projects.


Students are asked to bring the following supplies to school to use in class every day:

  1. Pencils and pens should be brought to class every day. Pens should be dark blue or black ink, only.
  2. Students will need a 3-ring binder to allow them to keep up with the papers they will be working on in class.
  3. Students need to bring loose leaf paper to use in class every day. This may be kept in their 3-ring binder.

Daily Participation Points:

Students will receive a grade in class each day. This daily grade is very important. It includes the bellringer assignment students complete at the beginning of each class, as well as points for active participation and good behavior in class.

Students are expected to attend class and work hard in class every day. Excessive absences will have a very negative impact on the students’ ability to learn the material covered as well costing points off on the students’ daily grades. Students who have excessive unexcused absences will not pass the yearbook class.

Students who disrupt class will not receive their participation points for that day.

Students will have writing assignments, projects, quizzes, and exams that will also be part of their grades.

Students will often have responsibilities that involve working outside the classroom as students are being photographed. I expect my yearbook staff to be mature and responsible at these times and will count on them to do their best without my having to “babysit” them.


Students’ grades will fall into the following categories:

A: 90-100

B: 80- 89

C: 70- 79

D: 60- 69

F: 0- 59

Computer work:

Computer work is required for this class as students will work on computers while learning photo editing and page design in the Yearbook class. Much of this work is done at the computer while the student is on the internet. I expect the student to use the computers in my classroom, the library, and the computer labs according to the rules as set out in the Snowflake Junior High School policy guides. If a student is on a social network site or any other inappropriate website during class, the student will lose their daily grade for that day. If any student continues to abuse the use of the computers, that student may lose his or her privileges to work on the yearbook. I expect the best behavior from these students.

Once again, welcome to the Snowflake Junior High School Advance Technology and Yearbook Class.

Mrs. Cardinal