Ms Heather Macbeath
Venue:  SIS 
 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Maximum number of participants: 15 

The Yearbook ASA provides a great way for students to create lasting memories and to be a part of recording history at SIS. The ASA is for students who want to report on the different activities of SIS's students throughout the year but are not able to take the yearbook class.

ASAers will help the Yearbook Class build the yearbook through contributing written stories, photographs, or acting as liaisons between their/different grades to ensure maximum exposure in the yearbook. They will report to both Ms. MacBeath and the appropriate Editor of the YB Class.

Different jobs will include covering and reporting on sports, school events and trips; taking photographs; writing features of different staff/students/etc.;

The Yearbook ASA introduces students to journalism through being freelance reporters and photographers.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the after school program, please do not hesitate to contact 
the SIS Athletics and Activities Coordinator, Mr Arturs Pilkevics: