Ms Nzinga Ayo-Mamadi
Venue:  HS Bio
 Tuesdays, 3:00 - 4:00 PM

The SIS School News club will be mostly run by students and is designed to capture and highlight news and events that occur in and around the school. The purpose of this club is to create a forum for students to become locally and globally aware of events taking place and sharing ideas among the SIS community.

The group will meet weekly to gather important information regarding news and brainstorm ideas to cover events in the Elementary and Secondary schools.


Roles and responsibilities

Principal News Reporters/Speakers– This person/people will be the main voice (s) for the group, presenting information and conducting interviews/covering news.

Video/Camera man – This person will be responsible for capturing interviews and news coverage.

Editor – This person will proofread and check for clarity and errors in script.

Co-editor – This person will assist the editor.

Video editor - This person will be responsible for assembling raw material (camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects) and editing for quality.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the after school program, please do not hesitate to contact 
the SIS Athletics and Activities Coordinator, Mr Arturs Pilkevics: apilkevics@sis.sch.id