All students applying to SIS must pay an application fee, to be paid at the time of submission of admission application forms. This fee is non-transferable and non-refundable. The annual school fees consist of tuition fees and a Building Fund fee (Capital Levy). In addition, a non-refundable enrollment deposit also must be paid in order to guarantee a student’s seat at SIS. This amount will be applied toward the first invoice issued to the family.

Enrollment Fee
Commencing from EC-4 level, each student who enrolls with SIS for the first time must pay a one- time-only enrollment fee. This fee must be paid within 14 days of the acceptance date to confirm acceptance of an offered place. If the student does not enter SIS, 50% of the fee will be refunded. Students who enrolled in EC-3 level at SIS for less than a full year and return for EC-4 are still required to pay the enrollment fee. If the student decides not to enter SIS, this fee cannot be transferred to another student.

Tuition Fees 
For tuition fees information, please contact our school through our phone number or email address.

Late Enrollment and Early Withdrawal

The chart below shows the tuition fee payment schedule. 
Enrollment period at SISPayment in full in one lump sum
Enrolled at the start of school year100% of Tuition fees prior to the beginning of the school year
Enrolled at the start of the school year but student withdrawn from SIS before the start of the 2nd semester of the school yearSame as above. 50% of fees paid will be refunded if the student withdraws before start of the 2nd semester of school calendar
Enrolling during the school yearIf in the 1st Qtr, 100% Tuition fees on enrollment.
If in the 2nd Qtr, 75% Tuition fees on enrollment
If in the 3rd Qtr, 50% Tuition fees on enrollment
If in the 4th Qtr, 25% Tuition fees on enrollment
“Enrollment” is defined as the date upon which the student’s application for admission is approved and a seat is reserved for attendance; “withdrawal” is the date upon which the student ceases to attend and where the name is officially removed from the enrollment list, after notification in writing by the parent or guardian.

The fee payment schedule covers Tuition Fees only. Payment of Registration Fee and Building Fund Fee must be made in full at the beginning of school year or enrollment to SIS.

Payment of Fees
Tuition fees are payable by transfer in Indonesian Rupiah. Payment in full should be made before the beginning of the school year. 
Tuition fees may be paid in two installments: the first of 50% of the total is due on the first day of the school year; the second of 53% (a 3% charge is levied) is due on the first day of the second semester. The due dates for these payments will be written on the invoice distributed to the parents.

The enrollment fee and the building fund fee are both due in full on the first day of the school year or upon enrollment to SIS.

Late payments will be charged at IDR10,000 per day.
All payments should be made by bank transfer to:
Jl. Basuki Rahmat, Surabaya
ACCOUNT NO. 142-000-478-3170

Please provide evidence of payment to the SIS accounting office not later than five (5) days after the payment is made. SIS is unable to accept cash payments.