Orientation of Institutional-Research Information


The Office of Institutional Research collects and reports vital information about the College and its students, faculty, and staff.

In the drop-down below the Home Page link, you will see links to the Assessment and Institutional-Research sections of the site.  Next to that, you will also see the Census Date and Conferral Deadline links. The Census Date is the date on which student and course information for a semester or session is officially captured and saved.

In "Documents & Reports" under Institutional Research, you will see a set of folders. Some, but not all, are available to the public; the others require you to be logged in with your Spring Hill College account, and may require a specific request. (You may fill out the Data Request Form here.) Thus, it may be that not all of these folders are visible to you.

Academic Program Inventory: This folder contains PDFs of our academic programs by academic year.

Admissions: This folder contains admissions information, such as quantities of students who applied and were admitted.

Common Data Sets: This folder contains the College's Common Data Sets from the past few years. These are sets of important institutional data concerning enrollment, retention, instruction, financial aid, and other topics.

Enrollment: This folder contains information about enrollment, including disaggregated by gender, ethnicity, major, and so on.

Faculty: This folder contains information about the College's faculty and their characteristics and qualifications.

HEOA Required Reports: The federal government requires colleges to publish information about student athletes; this information is contained herein.

Policies: This folder contains miscellaneous policies about assessment and institutional research.

Program Completers: This folder contains information about quantities of completers of various academic programs, i.e., students who earned degrees or certificates in those areas of study.

Retention & Graduation Rates: This folder contains reports of rates of retention of students and their graduation rates.

Student Athletes: This folder contains reports of student athletes' graduation rates.