Canvas Core Rubrics


To associate a Core Learning-Outcome ("CLO") rubric in Canvas with an assignment, please follow these steps.

First, navigate to your course's shell in Canvas.

Second, make sure you have an assignment built that can be used to measure whether the student achieved this outcome.  Ideally this is a high-stakes assignment or one that demonstrates learning that has occurred throughout the semester. A term paper or final project is ideal.

Third, navigate to that assignment and click on it to edit it. Click on the "+ Rubric" button:

The "new rubric" section opens.

Fourth, click the "Find a Rubric" button:

Fifth, click on the "Spring Hill College" link for campus-wide rubrics:

You will see an option for each of the CLO rubrics that has already been built. (As of this writing, that includes three.)

Sixth, click to highlight the rubric for the outcome your course is intended to achieve. (See the Curriculum Map for details.) In this case, let's imagine that it's CLO1: Critical Thinking:

As you can see, the selected rubric has a gray box behind it.

Seventh, scroll down in this popup till you see the "Use this Rubric" button, and click it:

The rubric is now present for that assignment.