CeVMS Jag Band Winter Concert 2020!

To premiere 12/16 @ 7PM. Click on the youtube play button to begin viewing

Band PPE

For the health and safety of the band directors involved, we are requiring that students utilize Full Personal Protective Equipment. This looks very different than what you might see in the Gymnasium right now, where volleyball players simply wear a mask while they practice. Band students cannot play their instruments with a face mask on (except for percussionist!)

RRISD is providing all schools will Bell Covers, which is a start. Unfortunately there's much more needed to achieve a safe playing environment. Students who are interested in taking advantage of these in person learning opportunities will have to purchase more PPE in order to participate.

All students except for flute and percussion will need to order a "musician's mask" which can be found here: https://shop.pepwear.com/grey-united-sound-musician-mask/.

Flute players will have to purchase a "flute shield" which can be found here: https://www.directorsassistant.com/.

Percussionist will be fine to wear a regular face mask.

All WOODWIND (except flute) players will have to purchase an "instrument bag" which can be found here: https://shop.pepwear.com/united-sound-instrument-bags/.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the band directors.

CeVMS Bands 2020 - 2021 - Full Roster.pdf