Honors Band

"Are you doing your best?"

Honors Band Norms 2019-2020


You will remain quiet & focused in class. Our class is one that is based upon your ability to hear instructions and follow them, so your silence and attention is essential.

You will be prepared to learn. An instrument that is not ready to play is worthless; make sure that you have everything you need in order to make beautiful music!

You will be respectful of the Band hall and each other. Bullying of any type will NOT be tolerated.

You will be an enthusiastic music student….making music is fun, and if you are not having fun then you are not doing it right! Practice hard, until you get it right; the better you play the more fun you will have!

Communicate with Mr. Alvarado in a timely manner regarding scheduling conflicts and absences.

Be on time – Students are required to be in class before the tardy bell. Tardies are accounted for in the attendance system and will be dealt with by your grade level principal.

Be involved – this is YOUR BAND!

Improve Fundamentals of your instrument through private lessons and practice

Audition for All-District Band and All-Region Band. You are expected to make it!

Perform a Solo at the RRISD Solo & Ensemble Contest. You should get a ONE!

Participate in a Festival Performance & hopefully go on the full trip!


Come prepared to class: instrument, organized band binder, supplies, POSITIVE attitude

Be in your seat with your instrument assembled and daily assignment ready within 2 minutes after the tardy bell.

NO TALKING during the pledges and morning announcements.

Look at the board and be mentally set up for rehearsal.

Have metronome-tuner & contact microphone connected and ready to begin rehearsal on time.

Have a PENCIL on your music stand and use it during rehearsal

During class write down changes, circle important sections, and note areas for home practice.

Participate throughout the entire class period; all instruction relates to everyone.

Take your instrument home every night to practice!

Band class is meant to be a place where we put together the parts we learned at home.

PERCUSSION: instruments set up and ready to play and put all instruments away at the end of rehearsal.


  • Students in the Honors Band are expected to have weekly private lessons.
  • If you need financial assistance please indicate on the online form.

MusicFirst Passoffs

  • You will have one or more weekly passoffs that comprise your homework assignments. They are designed to keep you on pace with where you should be in your music.
  • You are expected to complete these on time!
  • Percussion students will have video assignments in lieu of passoffs.

When do I bring my instrument to school? Monday!

Required Supplies:

1. Instrument Specific Supplies (on the website)

2. Tuner/Metronome (please label with your name)

3. Contact Microphone/Pickup/Adapter

4. BLACK with clear cover 2 inch, 3-ring binder


6. Mechanical Pencils (minimum of 6) in a pencil pouch

7. Name Tag on instrument case outside and inside/name on all sticks-mallets

Private Lesson Sign Up

Click the following link: goo.gl/jFDpfd

This is how you will sign up for Private Lessons! Private lessons are highly recommended for you to become the AMAZING musician you want to be. You will meet one-on-one with a professional on your instrument. These lessons will happen once a week at the school. They can happen either before school, during class, during advisory or after school.

Scheduling is on a first come, first serve basis so don’t delay in signing up if you want a “prime-time” slot. Also, lesson enrollment is year round. You can always sign up for private lessons. There are scholarships available! We do our best to make sure every student can take private lessons.

2019-2020 Advanced Band Calendar.pdf
2020 Handbook Acknowledgement Page.pdf