Watkins Residence

Early Design Concept Sketches

The Watkins Residence project explored many options for their garden. The home was undergoing a compete restoration when we were engaged. We started with some concept sketches which showed how the program, which included hosting receptions and parties for more than 100 people, might be realized. Pools and fountains were considered as part of a multi-phase development plan.

The first two phases have been completed.

Photos of the executed design will be forthcoming.

Garden Path Gate

As the garden plan was finalized various details were created for the new fencing and gates. These sketches typify this type of detail design.

Event Planning

One of the more interesting aspects of the design program was to provide for regular garden parties for several hundred people. These would be semi-public events which would require accessible temporary toilets and full catering accommodations.

This was achieved by continuing the quality of paving into the drive and garage area and connecting the garden walks so the guests could flow around the entire property.

Potential table layouts and setup plans were established and a Event Plan for party planning provided.