Substitute FAQ's

important Welcome information for substitutes


  • Days worked during the 1st -15th of the month will be paid on the 30th of the month.

  • Days worked during the 16th-30th of the month will be paid on the 15th of the following month.

Substitute Teacher - $95 per day

Substitute Nurse - $300 per day


Why am I not receiving phone calls? How do I get jobs? I used to get asked to substitute frequently!

The main difference between utilizing the Aesop system and having a "live" subcaller is the Aesop system requires the substitutes to be proactive in their efforts to obtain positions. We recommend substitutes check the system daily for positions (online or via phone). Since most positions are "grabbed" by substitutes online, there are limited times where the Aesop system contacts substitutes in the evening/morning to fill vacancies. Additionally, with the implementation of the Regional Substitute Consortium, the "pool" of substitutes for each participating school has grown immensely.

I received an email about a job but when I logged in, it isn't available. What happened?

Once a staff member logs in an absence, an email notification is sent to the staff member's Favorite 5 Subs. The Favorite 5 (Preferred) Sub List functions by sending advance notification to the staff member's Fav 5 list of an absence - that is done via email. All 5 subs receive notice at that same time and acceptance of the position is on a "first come, first served" basis. If none of those 5 subs accept the job, the vacancy is then available to the entire substitute pool.

If the staff member does not have a Favorite 5 setup, the position is available to the general pool of subs immediately after all internal approval procedures are complete. These vacancies, as stated earlier, are typically filled by subs grabbing them on the website. The system will only make phone calls for positions that are unfilled by a particular time the evening before and if unfilled in the early morning hours.

I have another job so I am not available several days per week - can I adjust the system so it doesn't call me on those days?

YES! Substitutes have the ability to set their Non-Work days and also have the ability to set the times that Aesop calls them on specific days of the week. Please review the training materials available online on your Aesop profile.

I substitute in other districts using Aesop. How can I combine my logins?

Login to your Aesop account and select the HELP tab for assistance on Frequently Asked Aesop questions.

How does the Aesop system work? The Aesop system is a very user-friendly substitute placement system. You can access the system by telephone or internet.

When will I be able to substitute? The application process may take 30 days or longer. Your completed application packet will be directed to one of our Assistant Principals and they will contact you to schedule an interview. Once you are recommended as a substitute, your name will be presented to each Board of Education. You will be notified by mail of your approval, BUT you cannot begin working until all application requirements are met.