Pittsfield High School
School Counseling Office

We no longer use a fax machine.  If you would like to send us a document, please email the specific 
School Counselor below or jwilliamson@pittsfield.net to reach our office.  

Announcements for Families:
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Encourage your students to come down to the School Counseling Office to check the scholarship bin. Another way for YOU to know what scholarships are available, is checking the side link "Scholarships" to the left of this page. All the scholarships available are there for you and your students to access. 

                                                           Mission Statement                                                    

The Mission of the school counseling department of Pittsfield High School is to foster academic excellence, and inspire students to achieve personal goals at the highest level. The Pittsfield High School Counseling Department focuses on communicating to instill knowledge, confidence, and humanity, while providing a safe, respectful and engaging environment in which all students can learn and grow.  Together, with families, teachers, administrators, and community members, our mission is to offer a comprehensive school counseling program of services that will empower all students to maximize his or her potential for success, by acquiring 21st century skills needed to become productive students, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners in a dynamic, diverse world.

School Counseling Staff

Mia Albano
School Counselor              (A - D, ASP)

Janice Barry
School Counselor               (E - L)

                                                        Joseph Marshall 
                                                           School Counselor             (M - R)

                                                        Ann Marie Mutz
                                                           School Counselor              (S - Z, ELL)

                                                       Jena Williamson
                                                          School Counseling Secretary  
                                                          Scholarship Coordinator