Teacher Recommendations

Seniors applying to college should ask two PHS teachers for letters of recommendation.  The attached form needs to be completed along with a student resume prior to asking a teacher.  A teacher will need a minimum of 2 weeks to write the letter.  Some teachers will ask that their letters remain confidential and will be given directly to the School Counselor.  It is the student's responsibility to go back to the teacher after a few weeks of requesting the letter to check on the status of the letter.  Most colleges will ask for a minimum of one letter of recommendation from a teacher. 

In addition, it is helpful to also get an additional letter of recommendation from an outside source such as an employer, coach, clergy, volunteer supervisor, etc.  

These letters are the same ones used throughout the senior year for both the college application and scholarship process.  
Kristin Griffin,
Jul 18, 2013, 7:29 PM