About the Brahman Battalion

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Brahman Battalion Motto - 
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Take Top, Brahmans!                                                    Hooah!!

Brahman Battalion Goals 

Develop in each cadet:

  -Ethical Values and good citizenship

  -Leadership potential

  -Effective Communication and logical thinking

  -Improved physical fitness -Incentive to live drug-free

  -Positive self-motivation and management

  -A historical perspective of the military services

  -The skills to work as a team member

  -Motivaion to graduate from high school and pursue a successful career

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia                                                           


On purple oval embroidered device 3 1/2 inches (8.89 cm) in height by 3 1/16 inches (7.78 cm) in width, edged with a 1/8 inch (.32 cm) purple border, the head and shoulders of a white Brahman Bull, detailed silver gray, encompassed by a yellow designation band inscribed ”OKEECHOBEE HIGH SCHOOL” above the bull’s head and “BRAHMANS” below the bull’s head in purple letters. 


Purple and gold are the school’s colors. The Brahman Bull is the school’s mascot and is one of a breed of domestic cattle developed in the Southern United States from stock originating in India, and having a hump between the shoulders and a pendulous dewlap. The Brahman Bull is symbolic of the geographical location of the school in Florida. 


The shoulder sleeve insignia was approved 16 September 2005. 

Shoulder Loop Insignia


A Gold color metal and enamel shield shaped device 1 1/8 inches (2.86 cm) in width overall consisting of a shield blazoned: Or, a Brahman Bull statant Proper; on a chief Purple a bend Argent bearing a palm tree of the second; all within a bordure of the last. Attached below the device a Purple scroll inscribed “CONQUER AND PREVAIL” in base metal letters. 


Purple and gold are the school’s colors. The Brahman Bull is the school’s mascot and represents valor, bravery, strength and fortitude for unlimited educational opportunities. The white diagonal band signifies dignity, glory and honor. The palm tree refers to the State of Florida. “Conquer and Prevail” is the school’s motto. 


The shoulder loop insignia was approved 16 September 2005. 

Brahman Battalion Logo

The original Battalion Logo was designed and drawn by Okeechobee High School Art Student Natasha Williams in November of 2013. The logo was later digitized to allow for production of signs and other printed materials by Sign Guy of Okeechobee FL in February 2013. 

 Original Image 
  Digital Reproduction