Educator Evaluation

In 2019-20 we will begin our transition to the new rubrics and version 2.0 of the Educator Evaluation Model System.

Educators in the New Model System will continue to follow the 5 step process, beginning with Self-Assessment. The chart below describes the process.

Beginning in 2019-20 educators starting on a new two-year plan will begin to use the new rubric to develop their goals.

Educators in their first three years in the district (non-PTS educators) will also use the new rubric and focus on the yellow highlighted areas.

In 2019-20, those Educators completing year two of a two-year cycle will continue to complete their cycle using the original rubric.

New Educator Evaluation Rubric

Original Educator Evaluation Rubric

Please view these 2 page Quick Reference Guides for more information.