Educator Evaluation

In 2013-14, as a non-Race to the Top district, 50% of North Reading's Educators began on the new model system. Since 2014-15 and beyond all of the educators in the district will be on the new model system.

Educators in the New Model System will complete a 5 step process, beginning with Self-Assessment. The chart below describes the process.

Please view these 2 page Quick Reference Guides for more information.

During the first years of implementation will focus on the following elements on the Teacher Rubric (and the corresponding elements of the SISP rubric).

Beginning in 2015-16 educators starting on a new two-year plan will choose 10-12 elements from the entire rubric. Educators in their third year in the district (non-PTS year three) will also use the entire rubric.

Educators in their first two years in the district will continue to focus on the highlighted areas below.