About Our Professional Development


The purpose of Professional Development is to enhance student learning through the encouragement of increased knowledge and skills and the renewal of each individual educator. Professional Development may take a wide variety of forms and may be accomplished as an individual educator and/or as a member of a group. Continuous professional development is seen as essential to quality education in the North Reading Public Schools. Effective Professional Development results in new learning and is gained by opportunities to become aware of, observe, practice, reflect and refine successful teaching practices.

As a professional learning community, we seek answers to the following questions:

1. What do we want our students to know and be able to do?

2. How will we know students have learned what we have taught them?

3. What will we do for students who are not making appropriate progress?

4. What will we do for students who already know what we are planning to


(R. DuFour, 2008)


The North Reading Public Schools believe that high quality Professional Development is characterized by:

  • a focus on continuous learning;
  • programs which meet the state guidelines for recertifcation as well as the professional standards of the North Reading Public Schools;
  • opportunities designed to meet the individual needs of educators as well as the North Reading Public Schools;
  • adequate time and resources;
  • communication between teachers, administrators and parents;
  • programs which enhance the academic, social, physical and emotional needs of students; and
  • programs which update the staff on current research, techniques, and trends in education and which transfer into sound practice.


1. To improve best practices

2. To provide challenging opportunities

3. To enhance skills

4. To encourage collaboration

5. To provide support in reaching goals