In 2014, the community of Monroe passed Proposition 2, Technology Capital Projects Levy, to raise $7.5 million over six years to advance student learning using digital resources.  This investment in classroom technologies will lead to:
  • Improved student engagement
  • Improved motivation and passion for learning
  • Improved student retention
  • Increased drive to apply learning in the real world
  • Increased readiness for online curriculum and resources
  • Increased proficiency on the embedded technology and multimedia literacy skills of the Common Core Standards
  • Increased proficiency with Smarter Balanced Assessments
  • Increased readiness to achieve current & future graduation requirements
  • Increased preparedness for success in both college & career

What would the technology levy fund?

Much of the plan also extends the life of current older technology. About 2,000 of the school computers use Windows XP, a program Microsoft will no longer support in the spring. With the help of the levy funding, these machines can be made more useful, last longer and be more efficient to upgrade and service.

School leaders will also use this new levy to bring local classrooms up to a minimum standard within four years. The standard was set by the schools’ Educational Technology Committee (ETC) as the minimum for successful learning and is similar to the access and devices used by students in surrounding school systems. The minimum standard includes:

Classroom Standards
    • Classroom Computer
    • Two Student Computers (minimum)
    • Front-of-Room Display
    • Document Camera
    • Teacher Chromebook
    • Classroom Audio Enhancement System
School Standards:
    • Computer Lab (dedicated or mobile)
    • Learning Management System
    • Enhanced WI-FI & Networking
    • Electrical Upgrades

What have we done so far?

2015 - Major upgrades to schools' networks were made.  All classrooms were outfitted with a teacher computer to drive the instructional presentation system.  Expenditures totaled nearly $XXXX million.

2016 - Teachers will receive a Chromebook laptop to fulfill the mobile device standard outlined by the ETC and in the 2015-17 MEA Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Professional development for teachers will continue.

What do we plan to do?

2017 - All classroom spaces will receive new presentation technologies including interactive flat panel, document camera, and audio system.  All classrooms will receive a dedicated number of Chromebooks for student use.  Professional development for teachers will continue.

2018 - Teacher professional development continues.  Topics to include blended/flipped learning models to support increased differentiation and personalized student learning.

2019 - Teacher professional development continues.

2020 - Teacher professional development continues

What will the technology levy cost taxpayers?

The Educational Technology Levy will add about $80 per year for the average home or about $7 per month.  With the anticipated slight rise in property values that annual amount is estimated to drop a few dollars by the end of the 6-year levy thus reducing the monthly amount slightly.  The District will collect approximately $1.25 million annually.

Where can I go for more information?

  • Read more on Monroe's 2014 Election Facts site.
  • Technology Device Gap | PDF
  • Technology Infrastructure Gap | PDF
  • School Board Resolution 13-2013 authorizing Proposition 2 | PDF
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