MES Data Information

At Madison Elementary School we consistently assess and monitor reading and math skills using the STAR nationally normed test. This test is completed by students on the computer. Students are also tested in a one on one situation for reading skills using the Dibels assessment system. Although assessment begins in Kindergarten, we look at grades 1-6 as valid test results for comparison and trends over the years.

Below is data that has been collected over the past few years. When looking at data it is always important to note factors that impact summarized scores. One Factor to Consider: These numbers from year to year do not necessarily include the same students as we have children move in and move out each year and mid-year.

What does our data say?

We hope that you view this data as a snapshot inside our school as you see it through the lens of all aspects a child must learn in their elementary years ages 5-12.

This represents only portions of our curriculum that are assessed on standardized testing.

Assessment Resources