Madison Elementary School

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2023-24 School Calendar

Capital Improvement Plan Approved 1.9.2023

Mandatory NH SAS Testing will take place in May.  Please see the letter here from the NH Dept. of Education for more information.

FY 22 Annual Report web version.pdf

As the weather changes please keep the guidelines below in mind.

Outdoor Appropriate Clothing

Consequences for not wearing Appropriate Clothing:  Student will remain in the office.  Parents will be notified after 3rd repeated incidence.

Recess is a key component of the health curriculum and the wellness policy for all students.  All students will be expected to participate in physical activity during recess time.

To enroll  a new student, please download and complete this registration packet for 1st through 6th graders and call to speak with the principal about setting a start date.  367-4642

 Registration Packet for Kindergarten or a student that has not attended a school before.

Ossipee Children's Fund Application

Water Testing Notification  5.2.19

Inclement Weather Notification:

Madison Elementary School

2069 Village Road

Madison, NH 03849

p. 603-367-4642

f. 603-367-8784

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