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Welcome to Madison Elementary School!

Making Everyone Successful by being Respectful, Responsible, & Safe

As outlined in our Family Handbook, here are the guidelines we follow at school during our changing of seasons.

  • Yellow (Above 60 degrees) It is warm: Students may wear what they are comfortable in.
  • Green (40-60 degrees) It is Cool:Students are encouraged to wear a coat or sweatshirt with a minimum of 2 layers.
  • Blue (20-40 degrees) It is Cold:Students must have a fall/winter coat (Wind and Waterproof); hat, headband, hood or earmuffs (ears covered); and gloves or mittens to go out, but may take hat/mittens off if too hot. (Arms/legs covered)
  • Purple (Below 20 degrees) It is Freezing: Students must wear a winter coat; hat, headband or ear muffs (ears covered tightly); and gloves or mittens. (no exposed skin except face) All clothing stays on.

Announcements & Upcoming Events:

Sept. 27-Open House 5:30-6:30

Sept. 28- Monthly Assembly @ 2:45

Oct. 4-Progress Reports

Oct. 5-Parent Teacher Conf.-NO SCHOOL

Oct. 8-No School

Oct. 9-Delayed Opening 11:00 start time

Oct. 12-Red Cross Blood Drive 1:30-6:30

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Welcome Back!!

Meal Prices have changed:

Meal Prices for 2018/2019

Breakfast for students $1.45 reduced $.30; Adult $2.00.

Lunch for students $2.65; reduced $.40; Adult $4.10

Cold milk or Juice $.35

Snack Milk:

1% or Skim snack Milk is offered daily for $.35.

Chocolate and or Strawberry Skim Milk is served 2 days a week.

Bus Schedules-PLEASE check the schedule as there are many time changes!

PTO meeting 9/11 @ 3:45-All are welcome!

Surplus List

At the August School Board Meeting, the surplus list was approved for the following items:

Montague Gas Range: older, working condition

Wrangler Auto Scrub: older, unknown if works

Visioneer One Touch 8100 Scanner: older, unknown if works

Quill overhead projector: older, unknown if works

Epsom LCD Projector: junk

Quantity 3: Samsung TV: TXE2546: older, unknown if works

Samsung TV: TXC2516: junk

Teacher's Wooden Desks: 2 Worn

Metal Cabinets: Used

Refrigerator/Freezer Racks: 4 Used

Computer Carts: 2 Used

Wooden Bookshelves: 2 Used

Rolling Bookshelf: Wooden 1 Used

Metal File Cabinet: 1 Used


All items will be disposed of according to School Board Policy DN.

Those interested in the range are asked to submit a sealed bid to the Madison Elementary School before Sept. 1. Bids will be opened and awarded at the Sept. board meeting.

DRESS CODE (See School Board Policy JICA)

The responsibility for the appearance of the students rests with the parents and the students themselves.

Parents have the right to determine each student's dress, providing that such attire complies with the health code of t

he State of New Hampshire, and does not interfere with nor disrupt the educational process of the school.

Shirts, Blouses, Tops: Full button-down or polo style shirt, sweaters, sweatshirts, turtlenecks, jersey dress shirts, or T-shirtsConcern for personal appearance is an indication of self-respect and of courtesy toward others. The following information details what can be worn during the school day. If a student is not sure if something may/may not be worn, he/she should check with a teacher or administrator before wearing it to school.

free from writing or graphics deemed offensive. Sleeveless shirts must have 2-finger width straps with no undergarments showing.

Pants, Skirts. Shorts: Dress/Khaki pants, jeans, cargo pants, corduroy, shorts and skirts must be no more than 4 inches above

the knee. When hands at side, fingertips must touch fabric, not skin.

Shoes: Foot apparel must be worn at all times for safety reasons. Flip-flops are not appropriate.

The building principal is authorized to issue regulations to implement this policy, provided that such regulations are approved by the Superintendent.

Hats: Students are not to wear hats or hoods while in the school building.

View the Annual Report here

See our page with information regarding our recent water damage and mold situation

Principal's Corner

Dear School Community,

Summer means time for fun, family, and memories. Our rec program is in full swing with over 50 children participating.

Our building is undergoing extensive renovation and we are thankful for the hard work of our staff in coordinating all of these efforts to get us ready to open on Sept. 4. We are very fortunate to have the support of the Madison Community to provide the funding to make these upgrades which will have a long-term effect on students and families for years to come.

We look forward to sharing our building upgrades and meeting families at our annual back to school event on Aug. 28. Families can tour the building and meet staff between 5-5:30 then join us in the gymnasium for our PTO sponsored ice cream social.

If you have any questions before then, send us an email or give us a call! We look forward to seeing you all soon.

~Mrs. Woodward

Digital Footprint Video

Created by our students in grades 5/6 through their collaboration with Lindsey Cole.

Outdoor Appropriate Clothing

    • Yellow Day: (above 60 degrees) Students may wear what they are comfortable in.
    • Green Day: (40-60 degrees) Students are encouraged to wear a coat or sweatshirt with a minimum of 2 layers.
    • Blue Day: (20-40 degrees) Students must have a fall/winter coat (Wind and Water Proof) ; hat, headband or earmuffs (ears covered tightly); and gloves or mittens to go out, but may take them off if too hot. (no shorts or skirts)
    • Purple Day: (Below 20 degrees) Students must wear a winter coat; hat; and gloves or mittens.(no shorts or skirts)
    • Snow on the Ground: Boots for outside and shoes for inside are expected. If your child will be playing in the snow (sledding, building snowmen, etc.), snow pants are also required.

Consequences for not wearing Appropriate Clothing: Student will remain in the office. Parents will be notified after 3rd repeated incidence.

Recess is a key component of the health curriculum and the wellness policy for all students. All students will be expected to participate in physical activity during recess time.

Read about a recent article written by our SWIFT Facilitator regarding our work and progress this year.

NH Spotlight: Madison Elementary School

Madison School is part of SAU 13.

Madison Elementary School

2069 Village Road

Madison, NH 03849

p. 603-367-4642

f. 603-367-8784

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