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Madison Elementary School Maple Sugaring

Announcements & Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Dates & Events:

June 13: K-2 Play-The Little Engine That Could Sing & Assembly (With Chorus & Band) 2:15 & 6:30

June 14: Field Day at Burke Field 10-12:00

June 17: 6th Gr. Graduation 6:30

June 18: Last day for students 12:30 Dismissal

View the Revised Budget reflecting the Default Budget based on the March 2019 vote.

Dear School Community,

This is our last newsletter of the school year! How do I summarize a year’s worth of learning, growth, progress, and adventure? One word: Pride! I am so proud of all of our students this year. When I reflect back on the first day of school and fast forward to the students I see today, how can I not feel this way? I see students advocating for themselves with their peers and adults. I see them showing kindness in many different ways. I see the growth of students academics as we compile our year end STAR and Dibels assessments. Leaders abound throughout our building as they lead assemblies, serve as peer mentors, perform in front of audiences, and take initiative to do great things for our school! All throughout our building you will see evidence of students making and leaving their mark, especially on the hearts of those who have worked with them this year.

Pride also continues as I reflect on our staff. I see how teachers have transformed their practice through professional development opportunities they seek for themselves or through their active participation in Instructional Coaching work with Dr. Maura Hart or our UDL Instructional Round work. I have also been witness to how several of our staff have stepped up to support students, taken on leadership roles with their peers, and have led great additional activities for student groups. I am so proud of the hard work and dedication that comes everyday to our school.

I am also proud of our community. How folks have come together to support student activities, our building, our PTO, and many special events. We could not provide such an enriching experience for our students without the support of our community. I am thankful for the connections we have with the local library, church, food pantry, Lions Club, Oasis Tutoring, and Rotary Club to name a few. These relationships have a direct impact on our students and the quality of support they receive here at school.

What an amazing year to reflect on and be proud of. I hope that if you identify what has made you proud this year, you will share it with others as well. Gratitude is only valuable if it is given, share freely!

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Woodward

SAU13 Names New Superintendent

The SAU13 Joint School Board is pleased to announce that Meredith Nadeau has accepted its offer to serve as Superintendent, and has signed a two-year contract. The Search Committee received twenty-two applications for the position, and selected Ms. Nadeau as the top candidate. Joint Board Chairperson Jack Waldron said: “We are very happy to have signed Ms. Nadeau to serve as our Superintendent. Her qualifications, experience, and temperament are excellent, and we are particularly pleased that we were able to sign the candidate that our Search Committee rated as the best applicant.”

Ms. Nadeau is presently serving as Superintendent of the Newmarket School District. She has eight years’ experience as a superintendent. Prior to her position in Newmarket, Ms. Nadeau served as Superintendent of Schools in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Her professional experience includes serving as Oyster River’s Director of Instruction, Principal at the Mont Vernon Village School, and Assistant Principal at Peterborough Elementary School. Ms. Nadeau started her career as a classroom instructor for seven years. She earned a bachelor of arts degree from Bowdoin College, and a master of education degree and certificate of advanced graduate studies from the University of New Hampshire. She is currently enrolled in the doctor of education program at Boston University, and lives in Lee, NH with her husband Travis and their two young daughters.

Digital Footprint Video

Created by our students in grades 5/6 through their collaboration with Lindsey Cole.

2019 Annual Principal's Report

annual principals report jan 2019

Outdoor Appropriate Clothing

    • Yellow Day: (above 60 degrees) Students may wear what they are comfortable in.
    • Green Day: (40-60 degrees) Students are encouraged to wear a coat or sweatshirt with a minimum of 2 layers.
    • Blue Day: (20-40 degrees) Students must have a fall/winter coat (Wind and Water Proof) ; hat, headband or earmuffs (ears covered tightly); and gloves or mittens to go out, but may take them off if too hot. (no shorts or skirts)
    • Purple Day: (Below 20 degrees) Students must wear a winter coat; hat; and gloves or mittens.(no shorts or skirts)
    • Snow on the Ground: Boots for outside and shoes for inside are expected. If your child will be playing in the snow (sledding, building snowmen, etc.), snow pants are also required.

Consequences for not wearing Appropriate Clothing: Student will remain in the office. Parents will be notified after 3rd repeated incidence.

Recess is a key component of the health curriculum and the wellness policy for all students. All students will be expected to participate in physical activity during recess time.

Madison Elementary School

2069 Village Road

Madison, NH 03849

p. 603-367-4642

f. 603-367-8784

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