College Institute

For questions and further information contact :

DEPA / Coordinator, College Institute , Gaithersburg High School 301.284 .4577

Career Pathways and Graduation Intervention Resource Teacher: Keith Adams, Ed.D

For fall semester 2019 students must complete a Montgomery College online application for dual enrollment (application type is Dual Enrollment) FREE enrollment ends April 15

Jump start your college career - take college classes at high school earn transferable credits and save money - Complete the online applications now (see link above) free until April 15

What is College Institute?

The Gaithersburg HS College Institute Dual Enrollment program provides an opportunity for academically eligible juniors and seniors to earn college credits while completing high school. The college classes may be taken at school, on Montgomery College campus or online. To enroll, a student's reading, English and math skills are assessed, unless otherwise exempted. Students complete college placement assessments such as SAT, ACT or Accuplacer assessment, a computer-based measure of the student's proficiency. The results are not only used to determine the student's enrollment status, but also the students choice of classes based on eligibility.

The Early College Program provides qualified students the opportunity of earning an Associate Degree in a specific content area. Participating students will complete their 11th and 12th grade years of high school while simultaneously completing their first two years of college. They will graduate with an Associate's degree from MC as well as a Maryland State High School diploma.

The Jump Start to College Pathway is an opportunity for high school students to earn 30 or more college credits using dual enrollment opportunities to meet high school graduation requirements. The program is offered in General Studies, but can be tailored to meet other degree and transfer programs as available. Students may take more or fewer courses depending on the student’s preference and future career and postsecondary goals.

Can I use my SAT/ACT scores instead of the Accuplacer?

Yes, we will accept SAT and ACT scores if you have not taken the Accuplacer, or if you feel your SAT/ACT scores are a better reflection of your proficiency. To be eligible for College Institute, your SAT score must reflect at least a 500 in both math and reading/writing. For ACT scores, you must have received at least a 21 in English and in math.

How do I get started?

The steps to enrolling in College Institute are ones that can only be completed towards the end of junior year (for two semesters) or early during senior year (for one semester).

First, you must set up an appointment with the GHS Dual Enrollment Program Assistant (DEPA) to review your eligibility and college assessment score. For following steps, check the Enrollment tab in the Menu

What MC courses are offered in College Institute?

For the courses offered for fall 2019 , check the 2019-20 courses tab. Check the calendar for what times and dates they are held.

MCPS and Montgomery College Dual Enrollment Contacts

Career and Postsecondary Partnerships

Genevieve Floyd

Michael Sullivan


Office of Academic Initiatives

Akima Rogers

Yvonne Hu-Cotto

Academic Coordinator


Early and Middle College Programs

Amy Crowley

Erin Matthews

Program Coordinator