What is College Institute?
The Gaithersburg HS College Institute Dual Enrollment program provides an opportunity for academically eligible juniors and seniors to earn college credits while completing high school. To enroll, a student's reading, English and math skills are assessed, unless otherwise exempted. This is done using the Accuplacer assessment, a computer-based measure of the student's proficiency. The results are not only used to determine the student's enrollment status, but also to determine which classes are the best placement options.

Can I use my SAT/ACT scores instead of the Accuplacer?
Yes, we will accept SAT and ACT scores if you have not taken the Accuplacer, or if you feel your SAT/ACT scores are a better reflection of your proficiency. To be eligible for College Institute, your SAT score must reflect at least a 500 in both math and reading/writing. For ACT scores, you must have received at least a 21 in English and in math.

How do I get started?
The steps to enrolling in College Institute are ones that can only be completed towards the end of junior year (for two semesters) or early during senior year (for one semester). First, you must set up an appointment with Dr. Hussain, the College Institute organizer and supervisor to go over your eligibility and Accuplacer score. For following steps, check the "Enrollment" tab.

What MC courses are offered in College Institute?
For the courses we offer for 2018 spring semester, check the "2017-18 courses" tab. Check the calendar for what times and dates they are held.

I have a question that's not listed here.
For answers concerning Dual Enrollment, Dr. Farooq Hussain can be found in Room 2007 (the College Institute Lounge) and can be contacted at Farooq_S_Hussain@mcpsmd.org to make an appointment.