Welcome to The CCSF Engineering Club! 
It'll be hard to top our fantastic SPRING 2017 semester! Fall 2017 will be a time to work on our construction skills.

Engineering Club Fall 2017
First meeting - Thursday August 24  6:00 - 9:00 p.m.  in S049

We, the Engineering Club, love to tinker with Arduinos, work on different kind projects, join engineering competitions, and play around with the existing technologies that we have available in our CCSF machine shop lair. Fall semesters we like visiting the Bay Area Science Festival at AT&T Park.  Spring semesters are our big semesters as we join the SMUD Solar Regatta and Robogames. We welcome everybody who wants to join us and work with us on our cool Fall 2017 projects!

Our Mission:

    The Engineering Club Is a hands-on program that allows students to discover, develop, and enhance their engineering skills. Its friendly environment allows students to network with other students including staff to serve as mentors. We aspire to provide students with real opportunities of participating in group projects that compete with other schools and countries. Our goal is to create and innovate new ideas that can be applicable in real life as future engineers.

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