What is service?
NJHS requires service, but they also state that the service must be because you want to do it and not because you have to do it. Service is to be done without compensation.

Looking for service opportunities in our community? is a great resource.  Enter your zipcode and service opportunities in our area will pop up.  The same is true if you are

           going to be out of the area this summer.
       Ronald McDonald House of Central Texas Needs

       The Central Texas SPCA has volunteers.  There is a training program, but if you like animals, this is great fun!
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Service Ideas

Volunteer Hours
You are required to log 4 hours each six-week marking period. Any extra hours submitted will count toward your points for end of the year awards. It is your responsibility to submit your hours each six weeks. These are due on the final day of the grading period unless it is the final 6-week grading period. Watch the calendar for the due date.

Tip from years past - students who volunteered for one organization and scheduled it as a weekly occurrence had more success in completing or exceeding required hours. Students who scraped together hours here and there were always trying to get them in at the last minute and rushed.

Service hours will be recorded in your NJHS Journal under the "Service" tab. All hours must be totaled for that grading period. They are due the last day of each grading period.

Summer Service Hours Log -- If you would like to complete service hours over the summer, you can keep track of them on the Summer Service Hours Log.  (Paper copies are given out at the end of the school year).

Summer Service Hour Log

Where Can I Serve?
There are lots of opportunities to help others. The important part is to consider where you will be successful serving at. If you don't like animals you wouldn't choose to serve at an animal shelter. Think about your interests, and places you like to go. See if those places could use a hand.

On going service opportunities at school
I frequently get phone calls from parents wanting to know how their student can "catch up" on hours. This is not a pleasant position for anyone to be in. Please don't be in catch up mode.
Things you can do:
Help in the library.
Greeter on the front curb before school. You must get an orange vest from Mrs. Selman at the front desk and return it to her. When you return your vest she will sign off on your hours form.
Ask your teachers if you can come help before / after school.
Miracle League

They need buddies to play sports with other children.