Officer Elections

Election Day:

Officer elections will take place Friday, September 11. Stop by room D409 before school or after to place your vote. Only current members of the RBMS Chapter of NJHS are eligible to vote. 

Candidate requirements:

Create a poster no bigger than 30" X 24"
Poster must include:
1. Your name and a photo of yourself.
2. The position you are running for. 
3. A half page essay explaining why fellow members should vote for you.

**If you need supplies or assistance, talk to Mrs. Jones**

Posters will be displayed in D409 during the voting cycle. 

Voting will take place Friday, September 12. Be sure to have your poster completed and turned into room D416 before Thursday, September 11.

Officer Positions:

President - Facilitates meetings and group activities. Promote the NJHS vision.

Vice- President - Supports the NJHS President, and the NJHS vision.

Secretary - Maintain meeting notes, prepare power point and agendas for meeting. Handle communications for the NJHS members including written correspondence.

Treasurer - Maintain accounting ledger, calculate funds in and funds out. Make recommendations regarding activities based on financial status. This position has frequent contact with the advisors due to district accounting requirements. This person must have fine attention to detail.

Historian - Take photographs of NJHS functions. Collect memorabilia. Continue adding to the NJHS scrapbook.

***Officers must be available to meet and help run the organization throughout the year. It is also necessary for officers to contribute to the New Member Induction Ceremony in the spring. Consider these obligations before running for office.***