What is Leadership?

Leadership is about promoting excellence in your community. It's about guiding and nurturing growth in those around you. It is not about being the boss. You can be a leader without having a fancy title. In NJHS the expectation is that everyone has the opportunity to lead in an area they are strong in.
I found this quote on www.buffalogeek.wnymedia.net

"Does the day-to-day business of local governance impede broad-based progress? That’s what former Chief of Staff to the Buffalo Common Council, Paul Wolf, recently asked on his blog.

People run for office, because they want to accomplish something. Dealing with garbage totes, parking tickets and barking dogs is probably not what most candidates had in mind, yet most elected officials spend all of their time focusing on solving individual problems. Peter Senge noted author and management consultant, points out that spending all of your time solving problems in the end gets you no where. Problems never go away; they keep coming and coming. Problem solving drains your time and energy, preventing you from focusing on big ideas that can make a difference.

Effective elected officials move beyond problem solving and focus on a vision for the future. What is your vision for your community? What are you passionate about seeing happen in your community? Effective elected officials can answer such questions, as they know what they want to accomplish, they have a vision that is clear and that others can rally behind."

I know that we are not elected officials, but we do need to look at similar things in our community as leaders. How do we get past handling the every day things and more into envisioning the future. So - What is your vision for the future?