Character Counts
Character is a reflection of who you are. Your inner being. Webster's dictionary says, "one of the attributes or features that make up and distinguish an individual"
Distinguish and individual - sets apart. What sets you apart from everyone else? Is this an image you want to project?
Character Challenge
Character Garden
Michael Josephson, founder and president of Character Counts!, revised a poem by an unknown author to share with those concerned about character education and the development of youth. It's a lifetime garden to nourish your path.

First, plant six rows of squash.

1. Squash dishonesty in all its forms.
2. Squash prejudice.
3. Squash fear.
4. Squash negativism.
5. Squash gossip.
6. Squash apathy.

Then, plant five rows of lettuce.

1. Lettuce be kind.
2. Lettuce respect each other.
3. Lettuce be grateful.
4. Lettuce be patient.
5. Lettuce be faithful to our beliefs.

Add four rows of turnips.

1. Turnip to do your share.
2. Turnip to vote.
3. Turnip to help others.
4. Turnip to worship.

For spice, plant three rows of thyme.

1. Thyme to teach and play with your children.
2. Thyme to learn and grow wise.
3. Thyme to think about who you are and why you're here.

Finally, finish off the garden with two rows of peas.

1. Peas of mind.
2. Peas in your relationships.

It may be corny, but if you care for this garden, it will produce all you need to live a happy and rewarding life.