What is Scholarship?
Most of the time when we talk about the word scholarship these days we're talking about a monetary award given out for the purpose of education. That is certainly a great goal as you participate in NJHS.
For NJHS the term scholarship refers to your school work. The grades that you make, your work habits, and study skills.
NJHS requires you to have 90% or above overall average.
Please keep track of your grades through out the grading period so that you are not surprised!
OH NO!!!! My grades are dropping!!!!!
Some times we need help and that is OK! Here's a few suggestions when this happens:
* Go to your teacher's tutorial times. They really do want to help you. Communicate with them where you are having trouble, and listen to them for a solution. It may not come easy, but the effort will pay off.
* Talk to your parents about it. They may know about what you are learning, if not they can help you find it.
* Use the internet. Besides Googling what you want to know you can also check out your teacher's website. Sometimes they have really cool links.
* Let Mrs. Jones know that you are needing help. 

Students will need to record their grades at the end of each grading period and turn it into the RBMS binder under the Scholarship Tab.  This binder is available in Mrs. Jones' room!