About Us

Founders Dennis and Rene Greig.

Lapwing Publications is a poetry press based in Belfast. It was founded by Dennis and Rene Greig in 1988 (Both of whom are pictured on the left.) Since then it has published some of Ireland’s best known authors.

These include: James Simmons, Padraig Fiacc, Robert Greacen , Padraig O’Snodaigh, Deirdre Brennan, Michael Fanning, Des O’Grady, John Liddy, Sam Burnside, Jean O’Brien, Niall McGrath, Fred Johnston, Maurice Harmon, Gerry McDonnell, and Jack Holland.

Since before 1632

The Greig sept of the MacGregor Clan has been printing and binding books.

All Lapwing Publications are Hand-printed and Hand-bound in Belfast and Type-set at the Winepress.

We publish in the following formats

1. Pamphlet - generally, up to 36 A5 pages saddle- stitched, 160 gms minimum cover stock.

2. Chapbook - up to 48 A5 pages saddle-stitched, 160 gms minimum cover stock.

3. Book - 48 A5 pages and above in either Belfast Binding, a combination of saddle-stitching and perfect binding or square spined Japanese side-stitching, both styles generally in 200 gms satinated white stock.

4. E-book - The majority of our books are available as e-books (PDF Format).