Kathleen Mercury


I teach 6th grade Apogee (Me & My Brain), 7th and 8th grade Apogee Seminar (Engineering Strategy Games, Room of Requirement, and Robotics), and Humor. 

See Ms. Mercury talking about our Espionage class on Schooltube!

Contact Me
Email: kmercury@ladueschools.net (preferred)
Phone: (314) 983-5682

My "I Am LMS" Poem

I am an LMS Teacher.

I am in transition but changed permanently by the events of the past year.


I am German, but no in Germany knew that when I visited there.

I am a sister, but my sisters live far away so I don’t get to be a sister much.

I am a game player, a game collector, a game changer, and a game designer.

I am a visual learner, an NT thinker, highly creative, and very messy.

I am funny, and not everyone always agrees with that.

I am aware of my flaws, but I do try to rise above them.


I am more likely to say yes than no.

My name is Kathleen Mercury and I am an LMS teacher.

About Me
This is my 11th year teaching at Ladue.  I teach gifted students and provide Enrichment.  In my free time, I love to read (nonfiction especially as I strive to become a “polymath”), cook, ski, travel, and being an aunt to Ollie, Wren, Matilda, Greer, and Quinn! 

I have three sisters, Kristin (a PE teacher in Berlin, Germany), Karen (a former Ringling Brothers clown and stay at home mom in Cincinnati, OH), and Kelly (a paralegal).

Of course, my most significant hobby is playing board games.  I have a collection of about 400 games and I spent several nights a week playing games with my group.  I have always liked to modify games and change rules, so I have started to design my own games as well.

Fun Stuff
NASA's Explanation for Shooting Stars

Will It Blend? Glow Sticks


Manga Avatar Face Maker 

Hero Machine (online superhero generator) 

Pictures below from some of my journeys. 
From the left: South Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland; Stockholm Airport at midnight in July; the Louvre in Paris; Times Square, New York

Calvin & Hobbes!