Apogee is Ladue Middle School's program for students identified as intellectually gifted.

Apogee is designed to meet the unique, diverse intellectual and affective needs of identified gifted students in a supportive, differentiated, and rigorous environment. The advanced, multidisciplinary content focuses on the depth and complexity of learning and knowledge as student develop divergent and higher-order thinking skills in reasoning, creativity, and communication. Within the parameters of each unit, students will engage in both teacher-selected and self-chosen challenges independently as well as collaboratively. Interacting with intellectually similar peers allows students to develop a healthy sense of individual uniqueness, confidence, leadership, and personal responsibility for their actions.

"Apogee was definitely my favorite class in middle school. It was truly a home for me, a place where I finally felt accepted and free to be as open and uniquely me as I wanted. I wielded scissors dangerously, held a puppet show to explain the Hero's Journey in Wreck-It-Ralph, and said and did precisely what had so long stayed only inside my head. Thank you for creating such a supportive and fun environment for me to explore and blossom in. It was not only fun and exciting, but also a place where I could float and still feel grounded, somewhere I could exult and laugh but also be more serious and reflect on myself and my life. I know for sure that I wouldn't be the person I am today without apogee and debate and, most certainly, without you." C.W.

In all units, students have opportunities to work as a whole group, in small groups, and on individual projects. A concerted effort is made to encourage students to explore unfamiliar, advanced content areas and integrate various methods of media and technology. It is our goal to allow students to make choices whenever possible to support their individual abilities and personal areas of interest.

If you would like information about having your child evaluated for Ladue's gifted program, please contact gifted@ladueschools.net

Ideas must work through the brains and arms of men, or they are no better than dreams. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Apogee Open House

What does "Apogee" mean?

Assessment in Apogee is based upon the core skills that we believe are critical to nourish for a gifted child to reach their potential. These core skills are Knowledge Development, Thinking Skills, Intrapersonal Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Product Development, and Technology Integration. To see the full document, please click on the sidebar up on the right under "Apogee Assessment."

The school policies as stated in the LMS Student Handbook will be followed for tardiness, absences, and behavior. Students are expected to come to class ready to learn and prepared for class including all work turned in on time. Late work is a serious detriment to a student’s success and students are responsible to get missed work from their teacher due to absence. We will be available for extra help most days before and after school; please be sure to schedule an appointment. Missing work will result in a reduction in points on projects.

The Apogee program uses a common assessment tool that incorporates process and product categories. As appropriate, individual unit and assignment rubrics are developed for the specific process and product skills required. These scoring guides are provided to students at the beginning of the unit or lesson.

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Caleb Chung, Inventor of the Furby, and his top ten ways to be a successful human:

My top ten ways to be a successful human...

(in descending order, leading up to the most precious)

10. Be curious

(life is so full of wonders, how can you not be)

9. Ask directions

(other humans want to help you, just ask!)

8. Learn to be your own best friend

(You are going to spend a lifetime with yourself, so you might as well)

7. Keep a book of wishes

(If you don't have dreams, no one can grant them)

6. Play tennis with someone better than you

(there is a reason they are good at what they do, and it might rub off on you)

5. Recognize fear for what it is

(Its often blocking the door to your next adventure. Be brave, little piglet!)

4. Love someone else unconditionally

(I'm still working on it, so if you have some advice, let me know)

3. Unlearn the word "impossible"

(Ignoring this word has turned out really well for lots of interesting people)

2. Do what you love like your life depends on it

(Because it does)

and the #1 way to become a successful human (drum roll)...

1. Gratitude

(in the end, it's not about you)