The Institute of Physics for Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology and Photonics (IFIMUP) is a physics Research Unit of the University of Porto, operating at Faculty of Sciences aiming to carry out research over a wide range of topics focused on the innovative physical properties of materials at different scales, boosting the development of new technologies in order to contribute to solve today’s Grand Challenges. 

IFIMUP brings together previous experience of the Research Unit of Institute of Physics of Materials of the University of Porto (with the same acronym) that dates back to 1987 and was later (2008) integrated in the associated laboratory Institute of Nanotechnologies, combined with new demands boosted by the leadership of the unique Network of Extreme Conditions Laboratories (NECL) and by a strong commitment on the development of up-to-the-market technological applications. This positions IFIMUP strategically as a transversal Institute of Physics in the R&D Portuguese ecosystem with unique opportunities nationwide for cutting-edge advanced research and training in fundamental and applied Physics.

296 papers
9 patents
35 PhD thesis
76 people
(last 5 years)