João Pedro Araújo | Professor

Multifunctional Magnetic Materials and Nanostructures

Quantum MaterialsAdvanced Energy Materials

João Pedro Araújo obtained his PhD in Physics by the University of Porto in 2002. After a short post doc at ISOLDE-CERN, Swizerland, he became Assistant Professor of Physics (Dep. Physics and Astronomy, Fac. Of Sciences. Currently, J.P. Araújo is an Associate Professor and President at IFIMUP and is group leader of the Multifuntional Magnetic Materials and Nanostructures. He also leads the Network of Extreme Conditions Laboratories- NECL.

Research Topics: Condensed Matter Physics, Local Probing, Complex Oxides, 2D Materials.


DFA-FCUP/Room 203

+351 22 040 2334