BOE Budget

Budget UpdateThe Board of Finance has recommended a $3 million reduction to the Board of Education budget for next year. This large reduction is in response to the Governor’s proposed state budget (2/8/17) which greatly diminished our Town’s Education Cost Sharing grant (a decrease of $6.5 million) and shifted a portion of the cost of teacher retirement pensions from the state budget to town budgets (in our case, an additional $5.1 million for our taxpayers to fund). If passed as presented by Governor Malloy, these two measures could have a powerfully negative impact on both the tax burden for Glastonbury citizens and the level of services provided. However, due to the number of towns that would be adversely affected by these proposals, we do not expect them to pass the state legislature. At this time our plan is to be patient and to communicate and collaborate with our town leaders and our community members to ensure that in June we have an education budget that supports Glastonbury students. We will remain reasonable, realistic, and resolute as we monitor the state’s budget process, push for changes, and explore all options to protect our town’s educational system.

Board of Education Budget Documents/Presentations for Next School Year (2017–2018) 

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