This is an on-line book for learning to program with Alice.

Before starting this book, we suggest that you learn how to set up a 3-D world in Alice by working through this Appendix -- a draft from Learning to Program with Alice by Wanda Dann, Steve Cooper, and Randy Pausch.

Note: Appendix A tells you to open two worlds from a CD. If you downloaded the "Alice 2.3 with Learning to Program with Alice textbook" you do not need the CD. Instead, when you open up Alice,

1. Click file at the top of the screen

2. Select open world...

3. Click the textbook tab. 

The two worlds you will need are titled AppendixA_FirstWorld and AppendixA_DancingBee.

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Authors: Quintin Cutts, Sarah Esper, and Beth Simon  



Editing and Design Lead: Eliah Overbey