EAD / Zoonoses Private Practitioner seminar - Yass

On the 11 of September 2017 the NSW DPI, South East LLS and AVA hosted a one day seminar in Yass to raise awareness of emergency animal diseases and zoonoses with the local veterinary community.

Below are presentations from the day that are able to be published publicly.

How to Report an EAD, YASS Sept 18.pdf

How to report an EAD

2018 Yass Poultry EADs.pdf

Poultry EADs

AHA_NSW EAD_Zoonoses workshop Sept 2018.pdf

EADs and AHA

ABLV presentation _ ClaireHarrison _ 2018.pdf

ABLV and animals that interact with bats

2015 11 Wildlife Mass Mortalities_NSW_TG.pdf

Wildlife mass mortalities

Hendra Virus Yass Sept2018.pdf

DJordan Yass AMR 10 Sept 2018.pdf


FMD Nepal Training

NSW Health Zoonosis presentation 2018.pdf

Zoonosis - NSW and local perspective

Private_practitioner_links from KW.pdf

Template for letter for vets to send to their bee clients.pdf

Q fever for Yass EAD and Zoonosis workshop for distribution.pdf

Q Fever