EAD / Zoonoses Private Practitioner seminar - Campbeltown

27 November, 2018

EAD vets in practice presentation.pdf

EADs - Vets in Practice

Sample collection and packaging EMAI.pdf

Sample collection and submission to EMAI

Francette _ AHACamden_Nov2018.pdf

EADs and AHA

Peri Urban Program Vet EAD_FINAL y181127.pdf

Peri Urban Biosecurity Program and Producers

EAD - NIA - A Trotter slides only.pdf

Management of non-natives

2018 11 Wildlife Mass Mortalities_NSW_WHA FOR WEBSITE.pdf

Wildlife mass mortalities

Bosward Zoonoses Nov 2018.pdf


Zoonoses and Human Health.pdf

Zoonoses and human health

ABLV presentation _ ClaireHarrison _ 2018.pdf

ABLV and interactions

Hendra Virus Campbelltown Nov2018.pdf


Reece Campbelltown 2018 EAD poultry ed.pdf

Poultry EADs


Swill feeding and pig EADs

DJordan Campbelltown AMR 27 November 2018.pdf

AMR and Vet Practice

Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies_Jenna Fraser Presentation.pdf

TSE Program