Student Development

I always try to engage students with learning, by means of various techniques. I encourage students to ask questions regarding the learning topic. Additionally, I try to remove students’ shyness and introversion regarding asking questions to me. Furthermore, I provide additional or counseling hours to students so that they can get extra help.

I start the lecture with some good and friendly gesture. I try to create a learning friendly atmosphere. After that I discuss a brief recap about the previous lecture and tell them about today’s lecture which is done to provide them with idea about the background of today’s lecture. At this stage the students are prepared mentally to concentrate on my new lecture. As part of the sound learning environment sometimes I try to boost them up physically as well as mentally by putting some practical but related national and international issues.

Due to the establishment of positive teacher-student relationships, it is quite easy in my class to ensure the effective students engagement. I use several techniques to ensure the student engagement by enhancing student’s self-belief. In my class active participation of the student is the key to success for both me and my students.

Students are highly encouraged to contact me in my office time for counselling hours regarding the course lessons. Moreover, students are allowed to contact with me over cell phone for clarification of lessons at my convenient time. I ensure an environment so that students can get easy access to me in every way so that they can communicate me.