Moodle-An Effective e-Learning Platform

Apart from the intensity of conducting different kinds of classroom and out of class activities for students, such as projects, presentations, multiple kinds of assignments, teachers must also complete other routine tasks such as marking attendance of

students, examination supervisions, continuous assessments and grading of students etc. As a result, a lot of time is spent on work that can be better done on a CMS platform thus enabling the teacher to have more time for self-development work such as writing research papers, attending conferences etc. Thus, MOODLE can be a potential change agent while ensuring that overall quality of education does not get impaired in any way. Besides, it can be useful tool for those students who need to conform to curriculum requirements such as assignments, tests etc while away from the institute transiently, completing field projects or internships in industry. Video lectures can also be uploaded for those students who are completing their education through a distance mode, this giving them the same opportunities for learning as regular students and allowing them to complete class room requirements as regular students.

Educational methods have become advanced and changed dramatically in the last decade. The revolution in communication technologies, especially after the invention of the internet, has introduced new methods of teaching and new ways of managing education. Various Learning Management Systems are now available for these purposes. Both open source and commercial versions of these LMSs offer combined services such as creating learning material online and its distribution, facilitating communications between various users etc. The availability of Learning Management Systems has enabled stakeholders in creating a platform that aids in web-based teaching in a convenient and flexible manner.

The mind map here is a representation of the features along with the effectiveness of Moodle in the field of education to meet the challenge of accommodating overflow of learners with the proper education without hampering the curriculum needs.

I am really very grateful to HRDI, Daffodil International University to give me the chance to have knowledge on designing course during the training of Teaching Apprenticeship in a platform like Moodle for learners. By the assistance of the training sessions I have designed and developed an online based course 'Fabric manufacturing Technology - I' for the learners in open platform of Moodle.