Involvement of Technology in Teaching

Here, in the mind map, I have included the means and ways of the technologies in my profession. I always try to use the help of technology in my profession (Research and Teaching) because this is the era of technology and information. The person with the information and technology is the most powerful person in the whole universe. I also want my students to get the benefit of it and want them to understand the facilities to have the ability to use the information and technology in their lives.

By using the appropriate technological tools in education or teaching, it becomes so much easy and effective to help the students get the best fruit out of it. It can be easy to conduct classes online, monitor the students, evaluate them, motivate them and make the purpose of education more effective by choosing the proper technology assistance. But the inappropriate selection of technological tools or misuse of these tools can be a big threat and may bring exactly opposite reflection for the students and for the society as well.