G-Suite in Teaching & Learning

Here I have included the lessons, learning and understanding of the technologies in education, learning and teaching provided by google. The learning and teaching have become more effective, especially for the weak students, with the help of google educational tools (G-Suit). It is a fascinating assistance from google to ensure the effective and interactive learning for the students of 21st century.

I am really very grateful to Teaching Apprenticeship Program (TAP) organized by Daffodil International University to give me the privilege to enhance my compatibility over the online based learning and teaching tools like google. Throughout this program I have learned about how to use the Google Classroom features in education with effective use of exams, resource sharing, assignments, discussion and many more. I have already developed a course in this platform and here is the code of my Google Classroom: a75ujx.

I have also learned the effective use of google docs and google forms in collecting feedback from students, peers and critics. I also use these tools in my research area to collect data effectively and efficiently.

I am also very grateful to Khondker Shah-Al-Mamun Sir, Assistant Director, Daffodil International University, to give me the opportunity to grab the knowledge and enhance the skills on google education tools.