Self Evaluation

The main aim of evaluating myself is to ensure the continuous development of self. In this way the wellness of self (Body and Soul) is ensured. In other words I can say, development leads me to have the wellness. So self evaluation is also important for me to ensure wellness, development, self-actualization and achieving goals. There is an effective model for ensuring the wellness of self which I have come to know very recently and I am trying to use this model to ensure my wellness subsequent to the self assessment. This model is known as 'Wellness Improvement System Model'. I prefer to follow this model, because if I don't do this then the self-assessment will be of no use. There must be a set of processes or self-assessment plans resulting the aim of self-development or wellness improvement.

As long as human beings have the ability to think they are likely to have the ability to evaluate or judge anything. But assessing anything requires knowledge and perception irrespective of being bias. Also it will require techniques or tools to have the accuracy of evaluation. SWOT analysis is one of the most effective tools to have the proper assessment of someone or something. With the help of SWOT I have also assessed myself with a view to some concrete aims of developing myself. In any kind of situation like decision making, troubleshooting, goal setting and self actualization I always prefer to have SWOT analysis of mine irrespective of being biased even to myself.