Learning 'How To Learn'

Learning how to learn is a process we all engage in throughout our lives, but no single method of learning guarantees success, although often we do not realize that we are, in fact, learning how to learn. Most of the time we concentrate on what we are learning rather than how we are learning it. In schools, colleges or universities we have been taught to swallow the content of the lessons. But unfortunately that goes actually against the reality as we actually forget everything after the graduation. So it forces me to think what can ensure the learning for the lifetime.

I am really very grateful to Daffodil International University to give me the floor to have an understanding about 'Learning How to Learn' rather than to 'Learn Anything' during the training session of Teaching Apprenticeship Program (TAP). There I developed a Mindmap with the help of discussion with the other trainees on how can we develop ideas and a process of "Learning How To Learn". The process involves some particular stages like Observation, Drives, Commitment, Motivation, Practice, Evaluation and Satisfaction. Interestingly it is a circulating process, but it is possible to learn from each stage and it will continue lifelong way even if the individual is satisfy or not.