Mock College 

Application Night

CAA, NAIA, and Core Course GPA   

Tasks to be completed before graduation:
Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) is required by the CDE
 Responsible Party Junior Year
 Student-Revise Post-Secondary Workforce Goal in Naviance
-Revise 4 Year Plan 
-Revise Resume in Naviance
-Colorado Opportunity Fund (All students planning on attending                                                                 college in Colorado)
-Revise Draft Game Plan in Naviance
-Participate in Jr./Sr. Credit Check with Counselor
-Scholarship Search
-Twenty Hours of Community Service by mid-April of Senior year
-Do What You Are in Naviance
 Parent-Support Student with Accomplishing Yearly Task
 Counselor/ Post-Grad-Assign 4 Year Plan
-Assign Resume Task
-Assign Test Scores
-Jr./Sr. Credit Check
 GT/ALP Facilitator-Advanced Learning Plan Task/Goals