We have organized a series of videos to help you navigate the college application process:
  • Assistance at the College Career Center

College Career Center Final.mp4

  • How to Search for a College

How to Search for a College.mp4

  • Researching Colleges and Managing Mail

Researching Colleges and Managing Mail Final.mp4

  • Scattergrams


  • Setting up a College Email

College Emails Final.mp4

  • Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements.mp4

  • Completing a College Application

Completing College Applications Final.mp4

  • Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation Final.mp4

  • How to Request a Transcript

How to request a transcript final.mp4

  • College Entrance Exams

College Entrance Exams Final.mp4

  • Financial Aid

Financial Aid.mp4

  • Scholarships

Scholarships Final.mp4

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  • Student Video

SOS Video Final to use.mp4