Hello From All Of Us In KIWI.....  

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Term Two:  Week 10:  Monday 2 July - Friday 6 July 2018:
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Ken and I had a big clean up the house day on Saturday and went to Cromwell on Sunday to check out the sales at Hunting and Fishing, with a lovely lunch at Nicol's.  A nice day out.

Only one more week of this term left.  Hope you have your two weeks sorted with fun stuff to do with your families.  Me - more time with the wee Hudman and gorgeous Desi!!  Hudson has been a busy wee man.  He has his own 'chainsaw' and, as you can see, is very safety conscious.  Getting wood in for Mum and Dad.  He's is learning so much and so fast.  Might have to buy him some batteries for Christmas to keep all his 'machines' going.  Maybe some house work done with Ken.  It will be great to have him home for the holidays as he is usually working.  Times have changed with Ken not working so I need to get organised.  

Mrs Gibson took some of our wonderful art work over to the Packing Shed for a GLOSS celebration of art.  I hope you get time to view these.

Is great to see so many people checking in with the posts on Seesaw.  Kiwi is really enjoying this site and are often asking to put ideas on it to share with their families. Thank you all for your feedback.  The students love it!!

All subjects are in 'tidy up' mode.  Some have finished everything and some are on the road to completion.  We have a busy week, so we will be working on getting everything finished before Friday.
Maori - Kapa Haka every Wednesday with Whia Maryann.
Music with Baz every Monday.

On Friday, we will have our usual BLOB day with a shared lunch.  We hope to have a clean up on Wednesday, due to Cross Country on Thursday

Monday:  Dance Club with Fiona (for those who put their name down)

2 July:     9:45 - Baz
               1:30-3:00 First Aid Course
4 July:     9:00 - Kapa Haka Whole School ??? To be decided Monday.
                Barb visiting Kiwi
5 July:     12:30 Brent Fairweather - Jump Jam originator. Performance in Hall.
                Dunstan Zone Cross Country at Clyde Domain.
6 July:      Last Day of Term 2.  Reports home.
                Curling Competition in Alexandra for Year 8.
23 July:    First Day of Term 3

Don't forget to keep your student on their Spirit of Clyde.  I have already signed one student off already so great to see they are keen to get this complete on time.

Any queries or questions you have about what goes on in Kiwi, please do not hesitate to talk to me.  I am available during the breaks during school time, or before and after school. My duty day is Thursday lunchtime and after school corner duty.  Please feel welcome to come in at any time just to observe or to spend some time with your child.  The door is always open!!

If you would like to view any POLICIES or PROCEDURES that we have in place at school, you can visit www.schooldocs.co.nz.  The User name is clyde and the Password is clydeschool. Some great bedtime reading for you!!