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Term One:  Week Three:  Monday 18 February - 22 February 2019:

Week three already!!  And what a busy week we have ahead of us.  Let's hope the weather is kind to us so that we can complete what we have planned.  If it does turn bad, we will stay at school and have activities there.  Many thanks to all parents who are joining us this week.  We really appreciate your time and the effort that you have to put in to join us.  Without you, EOTC week just would not happen.  Timetable is below...

I have been very impressed with amount of work the Kiwi students have completed in such a short time.  They have all been working very hard in all subjects and it is wonderful to watch them independently staying on task during the whole school day.  We have loved working with Pip and Harold last week, learning all about our body systems and how they work.  A very intense programme.  It is important that all students work to their own ability and to present work that shows they have worked hard to complete all work to their level.  All students are different and will produce work to varying levels.  I like to ensure that students do the best they can at their own level and not to compare themselves to others but to better their own levels.

I have nearly completed all my testing to put students into groups for reading and maths so that we can begin group work.  This will also be put on the learning zone to coincide with their work with me.

I will write on this news brief every Sunday to fill you in on what had happened the week before and any up and coming events.  I will be letting you know what the students will be learning and therefore some points for discussions about their learning.

The BLOG link will have photos about what they are doing as a class and some interesting events they are involved in.  Prodigy, Studyladder and Mathletics are available for students to work on at school and in their own time.  This could be counted as their work at home if nothing is set by me.  Students will be adding their own learning to Seesaw for you to view and comment.

Maths:  We will start off learning how to set out our books.  Topic of study will be around working with numbers using all operations and working with large numbers.
Language:  For a while we will work together on language activities to set out books correctly and to learn about the foundations of language to help in their reading and writing.  We will be writing an autobiography - working through the writing process. (see 'Writing:')
Reading:  Once again, we will work together to learn how to answer questions in the correct manner.  Later we will break into our reading groups to extend their reading skills at their individual levels.
Writing:  We will be learning how to draft correctly and how to work through the writing process.  Drafting, reworking, proofreading and publishing.  Not all works will be published and at times the students can choose which writing they want to complete to the publishing stage.
Social Studies:  This is our area of focus this year.  Our own identity and having empathy for all cultures.  We will start by looking a New Zealand culture and touching on Waitangi Day.
Science:  We will be working on some one off experiments during the year.  In term one we will be working in conjunction with Pip looking at Healthy Living and our bodies.
Arts:  I like to look at different types of music and to give the students as many different genre as time allows us.  We will also be looking at the basic rudiment of music and the writing of music.  We have a song and dance every morning.  These will change each week.  With visual art, we will be creating a silhouette of the students heads and adding what's important to them using the writing process again.
Fitness/P.E:  Fitness is every morning at 10:00a.m. and can be anything from block runs, drills, using sport equipment and playing games.  T.Ball, Softball and Cricket all start this term so we will be looking at extending these skills during class time.
Maori:  Whia MaryAnn will be at school every Wednesday from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.  We will be starting with whole school Kapa Haka, breaking up seniors and juniors, then moving into 9:00 - 9:30 a.m. for whole school and 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. only Kapa Haka festival goers to learn songs to practice.  (The Kapa Haka festival is on Sunday 7th April)

Below is a timetable for the term.  Please check every now and then, as if anything new comes up I will add it in.  

18-22 February:  E.O.T.C. Week
Tuesday 19 February:  TBall/Softball starts for Term 1 THANKS TO KARLA, LISA B AND LISA H FOR YOUR HELP
Wednesday 20 February:  School Swimming Sports
25 Febraury - 1 March:  P.A. Tests for all senior students
Tuesday 26 / Thursday 28 February:  Cricket coaching with Willy
Monday 4 March: Walk and Wheel Day (to and from school)
5/6 March:  Interviews
Thursday 7 March:  Dunstan Swimming Sports
Tuesday 12 March - Friday 15 March:  Year 6 camp to Lake Middleton
Wednesday 20 - Friday 22 March:  Rail Trail Challenge
Monday 25 March:  Otago Anniversary Day
Wednesday 27 March:  Dunstan Zone Triathlon
Thursday 4 April:  C.O. Triathlon
Sunday 7 April:  Kapa Haka Festival
Friday 12 April: Last day term 1

Any queries or questions you have about what goes on in Kiwi, please do not hesitate to talk to me.  I am available during the breaks during school time, or before and after school. 

My duty days are Thursday second half of lunchtime and corner duty at 3:00, and Friday first half of lunchtime and bus duty from 3:10 - 3:30 p.m..  Please feel welcome to come in at any time just to observe or to spend some time with your child.  The door is always open!!

If you would like to view any POLICIES or PROCEDURES that we have in place at school, you can visit www.schooldocs.co.nz.  The User name is clyde and the Password is clydeschool. Some great bedtime reading for you!!