Hello From All Of Us In KIWI.....    

Hudson and Nash having a 'sleep over' on Star's mat in our bus at Benmore.

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Term One:  Thursday 4 February 2021:

Remember my room has an open door policy and you are most welcome to come in at any time to share your child's education.

REQUIREMENTS:  To finish all work on the Learning Zone.

Students should be working through their Spirit of Clyde.

There are some extra activities on Seesaw, Prodigy, Studyladder and Mathletics. 

I will continue to tick you off in my BIG BLACK BOOK......  
  Tee Hee...

Maths:    Addition/Subtraction
Reading:   SRA
Writing:  Story Starters
Social Studies:  New Zealand Regions
Science:  Properties of Matter
Health:  How to stay healthy
Art:  Sketching faces 
Drama:  Plays
Fitness/P.E:   10:00 class activity / do on own or with a partner
Maori:  Mihi
Music: Instruments of the Orchestra  

Term One Timetable - 2021:
Week 1:        Wednesday 3 February - Teacher Only Day
                     Thursday 4 February - Start on Term One
Week 2:        Monday 8 February - Waitangi Day observed
Week 3:        Wednesday 17 - Thursday 18 February - Have a Go Sailing
Week 4:        E.O.T.C. Week
Week 5:        Tuesday 2 March - Friday 5 March - Year 6 Camp Lake Middleton
Week 6:        Monday 8 March - Athletics Day
Week 7:        Wednesday 17 - Friday 19 March - SoC Rail Trail Ride
Week 8:        Monday 22 March - Otago Anniversary Day
Week 9:        Thursday 1 April - Friday 2 April - Easter break
Week 10:      Monday 5 April - Easter Monday
                     Friday 9 April - Last day Term One
Check out Pip and Harold in the link below: 
Mind Lab link. 

Forest and Bird Site with Quizzes  - go to site;  KCC;  Quizzes and Games:

Any queries or questions you have about what goes on in Kiwi, please do not hesitate to talk to me.  I am available on email or by phone.

If you would like to view any POLICIES or PROCEDURES that we have in place at school, you can visit www.schooldocs.co.nz.  The User name is clyde and the Password is clydeschool. Some great bedtime reading for you!!