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Term Two:  Week Five:  Monday 29 May - Friday 2 June 2017: 

Week Four done and dusted! And what a great finish we had on Friday.  Every member of Clyde School sporting the colour PINK in some way, shape or form.  Shows we are all united in standing up against BULLYING.  This happens to so many kids and we need to help our Clyde School children to be strong to stand up to them and to not become one.  We have had discussions in classes, and have been coming up with lots of ideas and ways to keep ourselves safe.  The worst part of this is that this topic will have to be revisited often, especially when they hit high school and get into the techno work of cellphones.  Another big job for parents!

Another reminder about the school uniform.  We still have children who think they can wear anything.  We do have a policy and need your help to enforce it.  Parents can you help up to make sure that the children wear the uniform with pride.  All need to wear the correct uniform, with the correct colours of any other clothing they wear to stay warm.  There is a picture in the foyer opposite Chrissy's office if you are unsure.     

On Tuesday and Thursday, Tui are swimming, which mixes up our maths programme a bit.  I will continue with all Kiwi Kids for maths and will be working with both Kiwi and Tui for reading after play.  Wednesdays are a bit of a messy day with Maori (Poi) from 9:00-10:00, as we have Baz for ukelele from 11:30-12:15.  

Thursday we are hosting our annual community afternoon tea.  This is run by Barb.

We have been recapping addition/subtraction and multiplication/division as some of the strategies are still not quickly forthcoming to some students.  We will be working on problem solving using these strategies.  Reading this week will have all students continue to work on individual books to produce data charts.   Some still have to complete their journal activities from the last two weeks.  I hope they have some time to do this at home.  In writing we will continue to work on story starters using different genre to practice on and have been rewriting some Maori legends.

Netball, soccer, basketball and rugby seasons have started. Please keep an eye on the newsletter for practice and game times.

A reminder that Term Two is the start of Pie Warmers and that the Post Office will carry on with lunch orders on Fridays.  What's available is in the newsletter, along with the prices.  Money is to be put into an envelope, order and students name on outside and money put inside.  Some students put it into the lunch order bag which we will probably put in the hot lunches box at the staffroom door.  If they don't, the gopher comes around every morning and we put the orders in the bag.  

Any queries or questions you have about what goes on in Kiwi, please do not hesitate to talk to me.  I am available during the breaks during school time, or before and after school. My duty day is Thursday lunchtime and after school corner duty.  Please feel welcome to come in at any time just to observe or to spend some time with your child.  The door is always open!!

If you would like to view any POLICIES or PROCEDURES that we have in place at school, you can visit www.schooldocs.co.nz.  The User name is clyde and the Password is clydeschool. Some great bedtime reading for you!!