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Term Three:  Week Nine/Ten:  Monday 17 September - Friday 29 September 2017: 

I had a great weekend travelling to Balclutha to watch Simon play his last game of rugby for the season.  Otago Country won their last game against Canterbury securing their win for the Trophy.  Very proud moment for them all. Simon will travel back to Ireland in early October to play over their again.  Has been great having him home for so long but I know he has got itchy feet to go back there.  Hopefully this time he will travel a bit more since he's already half way round the world.
Georgia has secured a job in a beauty therapy spa in Perth.  She is stoked.  Simon will visit her on his way to Ireland so that will be great that they get to spend some time together.

Great play day with Hudson today.  He grows up so fast.  You forget so quickly.

Kids that went to the Extra Current Events Quiz had a great time.  No placing though but did have fun.  Many thanks to the parents that took them through.

This week is BOOK WEEK.  Come in and see the great selection that is available.  Your child will no doubt have a long wish list for you as well.  This is set up in the library and is open before and after school.  This greatly helps our library out as well as helps you with your Christmas shopping.

We started ukelele with Baz and these will continue for the rest of the term.  He is getting us prepared to attend a Ukelele Jam Festival which is coming up in Queenstown next term.  We will keep you informed about this when we know more information.

Three students from each of the Senior school are attending art classes in Jane's House with one of our wonderful artists from our community - Maxine Williams.  She is renounded for the work she does for so many children in our area.  The students will work on different forms of art to create some forms to be put on display in the Mall in Alexandra.  These will be great to view.  Another project that was held a few years ago are on display on the wall of The Tin Goose in Alexandra, with the students from Clyde, creating a picture of the Clyde bridge.  More great art forms to beautify the town.

Speeches will be held in the classroom this week and the big challenge will be held in the Hall on 28 September.  The Junior School comes to watch and we are hoping the teachers will be the judges.

Seasons for Growth starts on 25 September for those who have put their names down for this.

Last day of school for Term Three is on 29 September.  Where has this term gone?  We will have our usual shared lunch and pictures on the Friday.  We have a great clean up in our room and around the school on the Thursday before.

In maths, we are looking at Probability and drawing and understanding graphs.
We start a new book for reading this week, with a lot of work to be completed on the story.
Social Studies will be looking at different places around the world where students from Clyde School come from.
Science will be writing up experiments and trying some one off problem solving.
Maori will involve learning more about rakau with Whia Maryanne and some basic commands that we use.
Art we will have a go at sketching buildings.

With only one term to go, I hope the students are working through their Spirit of Clyde awards.  Some have already got a lot of activities signed off which is great to see.

The Post Office will continue with lunch orders on Fridays.  What's available is in the newsletter, along with the prices.  Money is to be put into an envelope, order and students name on outside and money put inside.  Some students put it into the lunch order bag which we will probably put in the hot lunches box at the staffroom door.  If they don't, the gopher comes around every morning and we put the orders in the bag.  

Any queries or questions you have about what goes on in Kiwi, please do not hesitate to talk to me.  I am available during the breaks during school time, or before and after school. My duty day is Thursday lunchtime and after school corner duty.  Please feel welcome to come in at any time just to observe or to spend some time with your child.  The door is always open!!

If you would like to view any POLICIES or PROCEDURES that we have in place at school, you can visit www.schooldocs.co.nz.  The User name is clyde and the Password is clydeschool. Some great bedtime reading for you!!