Bartlesville Schools Bond Issue   
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8/23/2016 Election Results:
Proposition 1 for Operational Funding: 4,056 YES & 1,767 NO = 70% YES
Proposition 2 for Transportation: 4,233 YES & 1,601 NO = 73% YES


Voters were asked to consider providing a total of $19.4 million over a five year period.

Saving Jobs & Preserving Class Sizes

The primary focus of the bond issue is to compensate for huge cuts in state funding since 2009. The district has suffer multiple state revenue shortfalls in 2016 and cut 5% of its teachers as well additional administrators and support staff.

The bond will allow the district to shift more operational costs from its general fund to bond issue funds to hopefully prevent additional staffing cuts and increases in class sizes in 2017. The bond expands on operational funding already being provided via a 2012 bond issue and extends that expanded support for two additional years. It is projected that 15 or more teaching positions could be preserved from future cuts by shifting operational costs to bond funds.

Improving Instructional Technology, Equipment, and Facilities

The bond will provide students with the instructional technology other districts now offer but which our students lack. Since the state has now cut all textbook funding, the bond will provide both physical and digital textbooks. The bond will support and expand new STEM programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It will also maintain buildings and update classrooms and their furnishings that are up to 99 years old.

Targeted High-Priority Renovations

The bond will also provide improvements in existing facilities previously identified as top priorities by community members on the district's Long Range Facilities Planning Committee, but which bond capacity limits prevented us from addressing in the 2013 reconfiguration bond issue.

Friday, July 29 was the last day to register to vote in the August 23 election
Wednesday, August 17 was the ast day to get an absentee ballot
Thursday, August 18 - Friday, August 19: Early voting (no absentee ballot required)
Tuesday, August 23: Election Day at all district polling places

NOTE: The ballot had two questions: one for $17.45 million and a separate one to provide $1.95 million for buses and other vehicles, since state law requires that transportation bonds be voted on separately.