Bond Issue Oversight Committee Tour

posted Nov 4, 2018, 10:36 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Nov 4, 2018, 10:39 AM ]
In July 2018 the Bond Issue Oversight Committee toured the completed bond issue projects at Bartlesville High School, Central Middle School, and Madison Middle School.

Bartlesville High School
 Activity IssueBond Issue Solution 
High School Band and Orchestra9th-12th grade instrumental music programs were overflowing space built for grades 11-12Reconfigured 1939 Phillips Field House to provide additional instrumental music room with adjacent storage. Room off Fine Arts Center lobby remodeled into Color Guard practice room.
High School Choir9th-12th grade choir program was overflowing space built for grades 11-12Renovated former Fine Arts Center Flex Lab into an additional choir ensemble room.
High School Physical Education, Wrestling, Pom, and Cheer1939 Phillips Field House (old gym) was not configured well for current uses; physical education locker rooms were inadequate, wrestling needed more room, pom and cheer needed more appropriate practice spaces, etc.Reconfigured 1939 Phillips Field House to form better physical education locker rooms, larger wrestling room, and supporting offices. 1968 auxiliary gym remodeled into pom practice room with adjacent classroom remodeled into pom locker room. 1968 small gym remodeled.

Reconfigured Bruin Activity Center (indoor practice facility) now has dedicated high-ceiling space for cheer program and space for athletics weight training.
High School Soccer, Track, Cross Country, and TennisInadequate locker roomsReconfigured bottom level of Custer Stadium to provide appropriate locker rooms for boys and girls sports.
High School TrackThe Doornbos track, built in 1988 with some edge and marking renovations in 2004, had a worn out surface that had to be replaced.Track resurfaced by spring 2017.
High School TennisThe five decrepit courts at BHS were the worst in the conference, with unsafe surfaces, inadequate seating, and too few courts for tournaments.Five courts demolished. Six new courts with seating and grassy side area constructed.
High School SoftballSoftball field across town at Madison Middle School lacked a locker room; students traveled across parking lots to use old lockers in the Madison building.The only new square footage in the bond issue added an approximately 1000 square foot locker room at the softball field. That freed up space to allow Madison's locker rooms to be reworked to provide needed music practice and storage space.
High School BaseballThe district had been successfully operating and maintaining the stadium since 2015, while allowing other programs, including American Legion baseball, to use the stadium. The 2016 transfer of ownership from the city to the district allowed the district to capture lease revenue. The transfer of ownership did NOT increase operating costs for the district.In 2017 the stadium roof was repaired, joints in the stands were resealed, the HVAC was replaced, the lounge floor was leveled and old plumbing removed, and the pressbox and locker room were renovated.
Central Middle School

Via the 2012 bond issue, almost the entire building was renovated in 2015-16 and a new gymnasium was constructed. The 2016 bond issue allowed the auditorium to be renovated with audiovisual updates, plaster repairs, paint, new carpet, new seating on the main floor, and repairs to historic seating in the balcony, which had a glass safety rail added.

Madison Middle School

All of the remaining original HVAC systems were replaced. The former shops were renovated into a commons with a bus loop drive. The auditorium seating was replaced, the stage repaired, and the audiovisual systems updated. The choir room was relocated and the former choir room repurposed for orchestra. The flooring, paint, and lighting were updated in the main gym and auxiliary gym. The cafeteria was repainted and new furniture provided. The office was also renovated.

Madison Cafeteria