Captive daughters


Captive Daughters is a Californian-based organization that focuses solely on ending the sexual bondage of women and children. The organization was inspired by Sandra Hunnicutt's, the founding director's, stay in Nepal, where she learned firsthand about sex trafficking. Upon returning to the United States in 1995 she began researching trafficking and discovered a fragile network of groups struggling to educate the public on trafficking both here and abroad. In an effort to strengthen that movement, she and a committed group of individuals established Captive Daughters as a non-profit organization in 1997.


  • While recognizing that sex trafficking is a violation of fundamental human rights that profoundly affects the lives and welfare of both females and males, Captive Daughters has chosen to focus its efforts on combating sex trafficking particularly as it affects women and girl children. Our goal is to bring public attention to and call for the elimination of the forced prostitution of women and girl children.

  • We seek to encourage national and international attention to sex trafficking by informing the general public about the scope and severity of the problem. To accomplish this, we share information via our website and social networking sites, participate in national and international forums and media outreach, collaborate with sister organizations, and encourage the television, film, publishing and artistic communities to focus on sex trafficking in their work.

* Please note that the work of Captive Daughters is to educate the public about sex trafficking; they do not work directly with victims.

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At home:

  • Show a film (see 'movies' for list)

  • Provide speakers / speaking programs on the issue

  • Form your own anti-trafficking group to give voice to this issue in your area

  • Appear on local media

  • Educate your network of friends and colleagues

  • Travel wisely and urge your friends to do so

  • Report suspected trafficking by calling: (888) 373-7888

Talk to your local, State and National Representatives:

  • Interview local officials about what your city is doing on trafficking

  • Provide your city officials with informational materials on the subject

  • Ask your local, state and national representatives what they are doing on the issue

  • Support your State Representives/Senators in passing anti-trafficking legislation for your State

Educate yourself:

  • Learn more about the global sex industry how it fuels trafficking

  • Learn more about how male demand drives the market for the trafficking of women (refer to "Swedish Model")

  • Learn that international trafficking and U.S. teen trafficking / prostitution are one and the same systems

  • Learn to recognize trafficking victims


  • Write a class paper on sex trafficking

  • Do a campus/school radio show on the issue

  • Write a student newspaper article on the issue

Watch these videos to learn about sex trafficking in the USA: