The centerpiece of the galley is the counter. We wanted something that could be extremely flexible while maximizing space. In early conceptualizing we decided to have it extend beyond the wall so that it could provide easy access to the water tank, grey water tank and diesel heater fuel tank. We will be able to pull up to a gas station and fill up the diesel tank without having to remove it.

The countertop is 1 1/2 inch birch butcher block that we picked up at Home Depot and the drawers were built using soft close drawer slides. The exposed area will have a hinged door that , when opened, will double as small outdoor table.

The back splash is made with simple 1/4 inch plywood covered in wall paper and holds a 110 outlet with the power button for the accommodating 1200 watt pure sine wave inverter.

The sink is 15 x 17 in 16 gauge stainless steel and to maximize efficiency and space a water filter faucet which is smaller than a normal faucet was installed. The top has been finished with tongue oil. The heater sits underneath the counter in the bottom right corner and there is a removable panel at the bottom for access to it. The round hole houses the heater vent.

The diesel tank (heater) is positioned for easy access

The unit needs to be aligned perfectly for the drawers.

The diesel tank (heater) is positioned for easy access

Heater fits nice and snug with plenty of breathable room.

Water pump mounted and wired.

Water pump switch installed for easy operation.

Access door doubles as a mini outdoor table.

5 Gallon tank can be swapped (Home Depot, Wal-mart etc) or refilled

Butcher block secured into place

Sink cover can be removed and used as a cutting board

More to come...