Electrical Installation

We wanted to minimize the footprint for the system in order to have as much storage as possible. Below is the initial layout of the components. This helped us understand how much space was needed and how long all of the connections needed to be.

Each wire was custom sized with appropriate connections. Now that the base system is wired up the process of connecting items to the fusebox can begin.

For the DC to DC charger, a wire was run from the device (outside under the floor) to the starter battery, as well as a smaller wire (blue) to the van's fusebox. The blue wire detects when the vehicle was running and initiates the charger. We can get ~20amps to the house battery. (about twice what we can get on a very sunny day with the solar panels.)

Used an old school Dymo embosser to label up some key components. Secured the batteries with a strap and insulated them with Reflectix.